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What is Yieldstream?

A complete bond portfolio investment strategy that performs in all market conditions. Yieldstream is offered as a subscription, and takes just a few minutes a month to implement.

Welcome to the Yieldstream bond portfolio and investment strategy

Yieldstream is a systematic bond investing strategy that seeks high total return with minimal risk. Using a trend-following approach, we buy high yield bond funds when market conditions are favorable. At the onset of a downtrend, we sell the (riskier) high yield bonds and switch into the safety of lower volatility bonds. By investing in the best bond funds, the Yieldstream bond portfolio consistently captures most of the returns of the high yield market, and avoids its occasional severe declines.

The result is a remarkably steady stream of income and capital appreciation. A hypothetical account invested in the Yieldstream strategy has compounded annual gains of more than 14 percent per year, with minimal volatility and no negative years. Yieldstream is an attractive solution for investors seeking a regular income stream: the mutual funds in our portfolio pay dividends every month.

Yieldstream is a complete fixed income investment strategy, offered as a subscription. Updated every business day with the latest mutual fund prices, we determine the optimal bond fund allocation, and calculate the model portfolio’s current value and performance. Whenever there is a change in the bond portfolio, we send our subscribers an email alert, with details on which mutual funds to buy and sell. Subscribers who follow the strategy then place these orders in their personal brokerage account, sit back, and collect the rewards.

Following the 2008-2009 financial crisis, high grade government and corporate bond yields are currently near historic lows. This has made it very challenging to successfully invest in bonds. High interest rate savings accounts are non-existent. But high yields are still available in the corporate bond market. While we wouldn't recommend simply buying and holding high yield corporate bonds, using them in a tactical bond investing strategy like Yieldstream works quite well. You can learn more about how Yieldstream works, answers to frequently asked questions, or read our research notes and insights.

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