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What is Yieldstream?

Yieldstream is a 100% systematic investment strategy that aims to identify the critical turning points in the high-yield bond market. Depending on market conditions, our model portfolio is invested in either high-yield bond funds or money market funds. Our subscription service alerts you when we buy and sell specific bond mutual funds in our model portfolio, to maintain an optimal fixed income portfolio.

How do I get started using Yieldstream? Is Yieldstream difficult to manage?

Gettting started is easy. After signing up, just go to the Yieldstream Allocations page. Following the Yieldstream strategy is as simple as buying the three funds currently held in our model bond portfolio, and exchanging them when we send you an email alert.

Are there any hidden costs involved with a Yieldstream subscription? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

There are no hidden costs; you simply pay the annual or monthly subscription fee, that’s it. We offer a no hassle 30-day money back guarantee. Simply notify us that you’d like to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, and we’ll immediately issue a full refund, no questions asked.

What are the returns for Yieldstream? How much money can I make?

Please see our performance page for more details.

How volatile/risky is Yieldstream?

Yieldstream has extremely low volatility and risk. Please see our performance page for more details.

How often does the Yieldstream portfolio change?

The Yieldstream portfolio changes on average 6 to 7 times per year. From 1996-2011, the average fund holding period was 55 days. Specific historical portfolio allocations going back to 1996 are listed on our Allocations page.

How will I know when Yieldstream issues a Buy or Sell signal? When should I place the order(s) with my broker?

Yieldstream is updated daily with the latest market data. Any buy or sell signals are emailed to subscribers during the evening. This gives you plenty of time to place any bond mutual fund orders during the evening, or the next day. Most brokers accept mutual fund orders until 30-60 minutes before the market close at 4pm Eastern. A few funds have a cut-off time of 2pm Eastern. Mutual funds do not trade intraday, so you’ll never receive an intraday buy or sell signal.

How many funds should I buy when using Yieldstream?

The decision is yours. Funds are listed in rank order on our Allocations page. You can buy all three funds currently held by our model portfolio, or as few as one. If you don’t buy all three funds, it’s preferable to buy the higher-ranked funds, as they tend to have the best risk-adjusted returns.

Which brokers are compatible with Yieldstream? Can I use Yieldstream in my retirement account?

You can use Yieldstream in any investment account that can buy and sell mutual funds, including IRAs and 401Ks. Please check your broker’s fund availability, or see this list of best brokers for funds commonly used by Yieldstream. Overall, Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade offer the broadest range of bond funds, at the most reasonable terms.

What is the minimum investment required to use Yieldstream?

Most bond mutual funds require a minimum investment ranging from $1,000-$5,000. However, you should evaluate the commissions charged by your broker to make sure that this is a viable strategy for you (e.g., that the trading expenses do not consume a large percentage of your profits). Please read this article for more details. Please do the math based on your account size, because Yieldstream is simply not practical for very small accounts!

My broker doesn’t offer XYZ fund / My broker charges fees for trading XYZ fund. What should I do?

You can purchase any of the other current “top-ranked funds” listed on the Allocations page instead. (Note that the current list is shown only to Yieldstream subscribers). In our experience, Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade offer the broadest range of bond funds, at the most reasonable terms.

Is Yieldstream compensated for the mutual funds it recommends?

No, we do not receive any compensation whatsoever from mutual fund companies or brokers.

Do any of Yieldstream’s employees invest in this strategy?

Yes! In fact, we researched and developed the strategy for our own use. We successfully tested it and used it with our own money for 1½ years before offering it to subscribers. It’s very likely that Yieldstream employees and partners own shares in funds from our strategy’s recommended list.

What downside protection does Yieldstream have?

Yieldstream evaluates bond trends every business day. At the onset of a downward trend, we sell riskier high yield funds, thereby minimizing losses. This is one reason for the model portfolio’s low historical risk and volatility. We also continuously evaluate and rank funds, and invest only in top-ranked candidates.

Who is behind Yieldstream? What are their qualifications?

Yieldstream is a product of Tilden Research LLC. You can read more about us here.